Cooke Plumbing Co Ltd maintains a team of skilled tradesman experienced in all aspects of these activities and has built a reputation for quality workmanship and reliability.

Cooke Plumbing Co Ltd has been a progressive leader in the Auckland plumbing industry for over 70 years, providing customers with all benefits of innovation and technical developments within the industry, through experienced service orientated management.

When there is a better way of doing the job, Cooke Plumbing will be using it for the benefit of their customers.


John Lithgow, Managing Director is responsible for the day to day operation of the company and together with Glenn Davenport, Service Supervisor and Dave Tregurtha, Contract Supervisor, lead the team carrying out the work.

Our Principle Activities

Plumbing Service – Commercial & Industrial
Plumbing Service – Residential
Roofing – Commercial & Industrial

Pipework – Commercial & Industrial
Leak Detection – Water Mains

Gas fitting service – Commercial and Industrial
Gas fitting Service – Residential

Our values


Cooke Plumbing Co Ltd in Auckland is comprised of highly experienced plumbing and gas fitting specialists. Collectively we've seen just about every situation imaginable, so we'll be able to handle any issue you may be having. We can quickly diagnose issues and get right to work, which means efficiency and savings for you


Cooke Plumbing Co Ltd's primary goal is to provide plumbing and gas fitting of the highest quality, but at affordable rates. Essential services such as those we provide shouldn't cost the Earth; our team, based in Auckland, is dedicated to keeping costs to a minimum while exceeding expectations when it comes to quality. 


Cooke Plumbing Co Ltd's team is made up of fully licensed, professional plumbers and gas fitters. We take our jobs, safety, and the quality of our work very seriously, so you get only the best plumbing and gas fitting services in Auckland.